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Born: 21.05.1984 in Schweinfurt, Germany
College: Advanced technical college of art in Würzburg (2003)
Studies of textile design:    University of applied sciences in Hof, Dep Münchberg (2003-2008)
Diploma: „Couture Tropicale“ (2008)
Theses and projects:
Drawings and art
Color project: „Carnival in Venice“
Examination essay: „Alice in Wonderland“
Occupational activity in fashion design (2008-2010)

Since years I am engaged in the creative-artistic sector: like figure drawing, painting, weaving, sewing and embroidery. Since the time of my final year project I designed and sewed high-quality and glamorous fashion including different accessoires.
In the world of fashion, accessoires are becoming more and more important, because they complete and appreciate the outfit - setting individual highlights.

My current ambition is, to design and produce a variety of extraordinary bags and accessoires.

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